My Love For Doc


(I do not have the rights to this picture.)

Having children you are automatically prone to having sat through many childrens programs on Disney Junior or NickJr. I went through this with all of my children.
My youngest who is one by the way, has her favorites. Being that she is extremely attached to me, there is a certain routine that I have gotten accustomed to with her and my middle child. Most mornings if I am able to be home it consists of watching one of her favorites Doc McStuffins. I absolutely love it. The songs are cute and catchy. Especially “Time for your checkup”! It allows the child to expand their imagination as well as get an idea of what they would want to be when they grow up.
If you don’t know, Doc “Dottie” McStuffins is a six year old girl who has the ability to fix toys. Her stethoscope allows her to talk to her stuffed animal friends and find out what’s wrong with the toys.
I love that Doc aspire to be just like her mother, who happens to be a doctor as well. The show shows positive images of family and unity, as well as a healthy dose of imagination. It also is great to see such a positive cartoon for African American/Black girls.
My daughter can’t get enough of it and I admit sometimes if she’s asleep, I find myself watching it. I know it’s been on for almost three years and it may not be new. However, I am aboard the Doc train and Doc McStuffins gets five stars from me.


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