Six Flags Misadventures


I took a trip to Six Flags this past weekend to celebrate my baby sisters birthday and for my cubs to have some fun.
It started off nice enough considering I got no sleep the night before because my youngest cub wanted to play until 2 am and we had to be up no later than 6 am.
Once we got there, there wasn’t much of a crowd and it seemed the.kiddie rides were running.
I took my youngest cub on two rides because she wasn’t allowed on the other. At the age that she is, the child has to be able to walk well enough and than sit still and frankly she didn’t do any of those things. On top of that, she is not fond of strangers and she clung to me for dear life. The two rides that we were able to get on, well she just wasn’t happy. She frowned the whole time.
My middle cub, well he just didn’t seem happy no matter how many.rides he got on. Being three your stuck being able to go on some rides, but you’re to small for majority of the rides. He also sustained a lump from one of the kiddie rides jerking his body. He cried between rides and even playing games and Daddy winning a Superman cape didn’t seem to help for long.
My oldest well, she got on the majority of the rides except the thrill rides and even she seemed unhappy. It was as if the rides she did get on wasn’t enough.
After waiting over an hour in the muggy cave of skull mountain, I was completely over Six Flags.
On the way home, I realized that I got to spend a day with my cubs and my sister (who enjoyed every part of the day btw). We got to laugh, take pictures, and enjoy a day away from home.
With my everyday life always being busy, it was nice to slow down a bit and just have some good ol fashion fun. I have to enjoy each and every moment because my cubs won’t stay this size forever.  So all of the bumps, bruises and tears that came along, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Besides there’s always next year.  🙂


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