My First Love

Be awesome! Be a book nut!” — Dr. Seuss

I don’t have a preference. It really doesn’t matter because it serves the same purpose. It’s a way to escape and go to another place without leaving your home. I can do it almost.anywhere and it comes in many forns. I know I am not the only one who opens up the pages of a book and get lost in the world where the words beautifully line the pages.Getting a new book is like getting new jewlery for me. One simply isn’t enough. I can go to the world of Stephen King where each word makes me just a little more afraid.
I can get lost in the magical world of JK Rowling or wonder what’s it’s like to be in a love triangle with a supernatural being. I can go into the twisted mind of VC Andrews and start a club with my best friends like Ann M. Martin.
When I was a child playing outside and the occasional video games was nice. I would play with dolls and jump rope and other childhood activities from growing up in the late eighties/nineties era. However, there was nothing like a good book. To feel the fresh page beneath your hands and smell the ink on the pages. This is beginning to sound like a lover, and I guess in a way it is.
Before I had a crush, a boyfriend, a husband or children for that matter, I loved and adored books. My mother would have books that she would say I couldn’t read. That use to upset me, not because I was trying to be older, I just wanted a book.
I would go through several books in a day and than be upset there’s no more books to read. At one point I had to change libraries because I have already read all the books that were available. Actually when I get a chance to read now, I still read two or three in a day, especially if it’s a good book.
My fiancé understands because he has his sports specifically basketball and that was his first love. Reading is mine. The one thing that when all else fails I can just open up the pages and all of my troubles melt away because my mind is transported to another place. That’s why I write, because I will be able to allow a mind to go some place that hopefully it has never gone before.


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