The Advice I Didn’t Get

It all starts with a blank slate and quite simple. You are excited that you are expecting a new bundle of joy. You are counting down the days until he or she arrives. Nine months later precious little gifts with chubby cheeks and high pitched somewhat musical screams are placed in your arms. You are amazed of how tiny, but perfect they are. You ask the question over and over how could I make something so perfect?
They tell you all about what you can eat and drink during pregnancy. The mood swings and the weight gain and the constant need to pee. The heart burn and the 3 a.m. cravings that has your significant other running to the store. There are tons of books that you can get while pregnant. And that’s fine and dandy but what about after the baby is over one?
What they didn’t tell you was the lack of sleep you will get even after your child is off breast milk or formula. They never mention that sometimes caffeine just isn’t enough to give you a boost.(I don’t even like coffee.) They never tell you that no matter how many times your child get sick the first sign of a sniffle makes you feel like you didn’t do enough to keep them from getting sick. You stress because you’re baby is suffering and cold medicine is not a option.
Those rare quiet moments you try to get back by taking a quick breather in the bathroom which are interrupted by the constant knocks on the door. (All of a sudden there’s something important that needs to be said and can’t wait until you’re done.)

There are the days that everything starts off great and all of a sudden your child throws their head back and screams and there was nothing that you did to warrant such actions.

There are the occasional gray hairs and stress lines and the rare.moments you feel you did something wrong as a mother .

I never was told that no matter how fair you try to be them, that it’s just not good enough and sometimes they will say “mommy I don’t like you.

The books never tell you that after buying clothes about a month later nine times out of ten they will have outgrown them.
No one has ever told me that you will cherish every quiet moment you can get because with kids.quiet time rarely exists.
I know this all may sound a bit bad right now, but this is no doubt the lack of sleep talking. All the advice books and other mothers in the world will never be able to put into words the love that YOUR children will have for YOU. That there will be times your child may not reach a milestone in the “certain period”, or your first child and your second child will sometimes make you feel inexperienced because simply every child is different. The silly moments and the important moments that shape your children into the adults. Those type of things are frankly priceless.

I could go on and on, but I am relishing the fact that all three of my cubs are sleeping. I think I’ll have that wine now and read a good book.


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