One Day At A Time

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

I got on Facebook yesterday evening and was shocked by hearing the news of Robin Williams’ passing. From what I read last it looked like an apparent suicide. No, I did not know him personally. I did however grow up watching many of his movies. My favorite Disney cartoon was Aladdin. My mood was pretty much down after that. I woke up this morning still feeling down and my fiancé pointed out that maybe I was feeling this way because I can understand the serious of depression. It is a mental illness and it doesn’t pass with time.

I have been hearing some very negative things on social media as if it’s just easy to “be happy”. As if it is easy to put a smile on your face when inside everything is a mess. “Oh well he shouldn’t have killed himself.” Well, most times whenever anyone commits suicide, nine times out of ten, the place that they are in is so dark that nothing can bring them lout of it except death. I DO NOT believe suicide is the answer. I do wish any of those who lost their lives would know that they are loved, but to those it’s not easy. They are not in a place to understand the love from other people and frankly it isn’t enough. Not to them!

 I know many people who have suffered from some form of depression. I myself deal with anxiety and everyday is another struggle. Another day always comes with its hurdles. I will like to clarify that no my anxiety as of right now is not severe. I am also doing everything that is possible to live as best as I can with it. However, I do go through the doubts, worries, anger, sadness among other things every day. I have to try to manage my moods so I wont scare my children and hope that the people around me understand that it is nothing that they did that caused this. That they understand if I lash out it is not on purpose. That sometimes even getting help (medicines, therapists etc.) just isn’t enough.

Mental illness is a serious thing. It is no joking matter. Too many brush it under the rug as if it is an easy thing to live with. I used the quote in the beginning because it does speak volumes. I have dealt with many things in my short people and was very surprised it took as long as it did to get the anxiety I deal with on an everyday basis. I have heard people tell me “You are very strong.” I don’t always feel that way at times. I however, keep my children in mind, They need me for as long as its possible I need to here for them. Everyone else doesn’t deal with things like me. Better yet, everyone doesn’t deal with things the same.

So my message is this please be kind to people. Stop bullying people. Stop criticizing people for things you do not understand. A smile on the face does not always mean everything is okay. If you ask anyone how are they? Is everything ok? Well, make sure you mean that. I also will repeat suicide is not the answer. Please if it is possible do get help.

Though I have lost a spouse before, and I was devastated. I however cannot fathom what Robin Williams children and wife are going through. Especially losing him in that fashion. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time.

(If you or you know anyone that is contemplating suicide please tell someone or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

If you are suffering from mental illness there is an information hotline at (1800) 950-NAMI (6264)


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