Just wanted to say Thank You


I have been pretty busy recently. With all the family stuff, getting my oldest cub ready for school and writing, well I just haven’t had the time to blog.

I wanted to give a special shout out to my writing group. I met these lovely group of people from a writing group recommended by a fellow WordPress blogger. Some of the members have formed another group because of common interests in writing and literature and well that’s how I became a member of the writing group #writingwenches.

These ladies and one gentleman (yes there’s only one guy) have made writing for me not only interesting, but fun. If I need a daily dose of laughs, sarcasm and support well they are always right there. You can feel comfortable sharing your work or even a problem and there is no judging. In a world where there are so many criticizers online this is a rare, but welcomed treat.

I haven’t known any of them that long, but I feel like they are the family (worldwide) that I have never have. I went from doing two short stories that I have self published to working on a holiday anthology with many of the members of this group. If you have a concern, a worry or just need a vent they are there to lend a ear, advice or just make it all better with an on screen hug and invisible wine,

So, my fellow wenches I just wanted to say Thank you! You guys are one of the highlights of my daily rounds of social media & I appreciate you. Cheers to much success for us all.


4 thoughts on “Just wanted to say Thank You

  1. That’s so cool you’re working on a holiday anthology!
    I’ve been taking breaks from writing and the 10 min novelists group too but whenever I stop by to check out posts or tweets I always love seeing what the writers are up to and how encouraging everyone is.
    The writing wenches group sounds like a wonderful place for romance writers 🙂

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