Is it possible?

Have you ever been to a place in life where you are wondering what could you do that would be worthwhile? I have not too long before the end of 2013. I wanted to do something that was solely for me. Something that would make me happy.

I have accomplished and been through many things in my life. I have been through a lot. I have gotten married, became a widow, had children, got a degree (not necessarily in that order), but yet it felt like there was so much I have not done and so much I have not accomplished.

I decided to try and become an author. I know that sounds crazy right? I mean the road to being a successful author could be a lonely one and in a way it is. I am lucky enough to have an amazing family and friends, and a great writing group. They are there for me any time and that helps.

I have started off slowly by self-publishing two short stories and currently I am working on my first novel which had so many twists and turns that I just wasn’t satisfied. I change things and get frustrated quite often, but that’s all part of the process.

I will be part of a holiday anthology this holiday season and I am very excited about that. More exposure and I got to work with wonderful authors as well.

Why do I write all of this you may ask? Well because simply it is never too late to stop and do what you love. It is never too late to say this is a dream of mine and I will achieve it. Whatever that dream may be go for it. It is possible and though I am not selling out in bookstores, it is great when someone says to me that I have read your short story and I loved it.