Keep Pushing

It’s been a long while since I had a chance to write. Life kind of happened. There have been birthdays, kid activities, dr appts and tons of other things I had to do, that sadly writing had to take a back seat.
I have been battling chronic pain and fatigue for a very long time. It’s actually been over a year. I had been to so many appointments and I had many different types of tests done. To no avail I still do not have an actual diagnosis as to what is actually wrong with me.
It’s been hard to do much of anything when all of my body feels like I’m sore or that my bones are breaking. It’s been even harder to go to bed earlier and still feel like I haven’t sleep
Why do I say all of this? Simply it’s because I have been pushing myself to do the things I have to do and normally do on a every day basis. What I have forgotten to do was push myself to write a bit more often.
Today I wrote a couple of paragraphs. Let me tell you they were complete crap, but I was satisfied that I have gotten the chance to write.
So, my motto for the week to get me going is to keep on pushing. You can do anything with a little persistence.


Unwrapping Love Anthology

Hey everyone.

I have been working pretty hard on this short story called Winter’s Gift. It is a part of a holiday anthology called Unwrapping Love that is coming out December 1, 2014.

I had the help of my lovely Writing Wenches and Page Curl Publishing. The Writing Wenches are a group of published, beginning and unpublished authors. They are the best writing group you could ask for. They are full of spunk and charisma and you would see that in each individual story we have for the anthology.  I may sound bias but it’s true. Page Curl Publishing is run by two lovely ladies who are also in The Writing Wenches. They are absolutely amazing and will help you with ALL of your publishing needs.

I was fortunate to have a good editor and amazing beta readers who helped make my story a success. On November 4, 2014, I was able to participate in a Facebook Cover Reveal party and let’s just say I had an amazing time. I learned new things about myself and met some wonderful people and fellow readers along the way.

My short story Winter’s Gift is about a school teacher named Mel who goes with her best friend for a weekend ski trip. There Mel meets Scott, a handsome firefighter who is also rooming in the cabin at the ski lodge. Tension and sparks fly and you have a sweet holiday romance to read by the fireplace or under your tree. Bouncing off ideas I came up with the idea for a ski trip in the upper parts of New York. Anyone who knows me knows that I just love my city of New York. (Yes I am A New Yorker through and through).

My story along with 21 others is available for purchase December 1, 2014 (Both Print and E Book) on Amazon. It is also available now for pre-order (e-book ONLY starting now on Amazon .

You can just click the link

Unwrapping Love

I hope you enjoy my story and the others as much as we enjoyed writing them. Thank you so much.

Here is my individual cover for Winter’s Gift

Book Cover2

And here is The Unwrapping Love Cover


Until next time

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