Unwrapping Love Blog Hop

Hey everyone hope you have been enjoying the blog hop posts so far.

I was scrolling one day on the Writing Wenches group feed and saw the thread that said how about let’s all write an anthology. Crazy right? A group of writers who the majority have not met in person write a collection of stories together? I mean what if nobody could agree on anything? Or what if the anthology comes out to be absolutely horrible? (Which btw after reading the whole thing we have such talented writers in this group.)

I decided to join this adventure. Being that I have only self-published two short stories I am very much a beginner author. That’s actually one of the things that made working on this anthology so much fun. There were a group of published authors, some with little experience and some with none.

We were all helpful and considerate and cheering each other on as we wrote this anthology. To my knowledge I think we are the only writing group that has done an anthology together.

There were some tears and blood shed (not at all literal (but you get the picture). I have learned so much from this venture and gained so many new friends in the process. You hear a lot in the writing business that you have to write such and such amount of words and it’s just so much more than that. Anyway our finished product was twenty one short stories in an anthology called Unwrapping Love.

My contribution to the anthology was a short story called Winters Gift.

Book Cover2

It is about a firefighter named Scott and a school teacher named Mel who despite baggage fall for each other.

Here is a teaser

Winter's Gift Teaser

We are already at work and brain storming at for the next anthology. Crazy right? I don’t think so. Well, maybe just a little.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Rachel Medhurst (twitter name @rachelmedhurst) for giving us the idea.

And to Patricia Eddy and Samantha Williams of PageCurl http://www.pagecurl.net for all the help and editing and marketing.

And to The Writing Wenches (@writingwenches) (http:///www.writingwenches.com)  you guys, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you guys. Most of my online time is spent on the group. You guys are so different but the same and I am l glad that I was granted the privilege to meeting you all. World Domination very soon.


Well that’s it from me, there are more wenches telling about their experience with this project in form of a blog hop.


Here they are below


Christine Cacciatore wrote Noah Cane’s Candy. She blogs at http://poopwafoley.blogspot.com/ .

NoahCane Christine Cacciatore







Patricia D. Eddy wrote On The Eve of Love. Her website is http://www.pdeddy.com/holiday-blog-hop.

Patricia D Eddy Headshot1_sq


C..S. Kendall is the author of Second Chance Girl. She would love it if you would visit her at http://www.cskendall.net

CK Profile pic      Second Chance Girl CK


Tami Lund is the author of The Perfect Christmas. You can find her at http://tamilund.com/?page_id=91 .

tami    tamis cover




Misti Murphy contributed Christmas Candy. Her site is http://mistimurphy.weebly.com .

Misti Murphy Bio pic



Quenby Olson wrote First Position. You can visit her at http://quenbyolson.wordpress.com/ .


Keisha K. Page contributed Rhythm of Love. Her website is http://thewordmistress.blogspot.com/

Keisha pic



Grace Ravel wrote Shut Up and Kiss Me. Her site is www.graceravel.com

Grace Ravel Twitter Profile Pic    CoverShutUp&KissMe Grace Ravel


Jennifer Ray wrote Declan’s Special. You can visit her at www.adventuresinjentopia.wordpress.com .

Headshot J Ray     Declan's Special J Ray


Jennifer Senhaji is the author of Angels in Disguise. You can find her at http://jennifersenhaji.blogspot.com/ .

Author Pic   Angels In Disguise

A.E. Snow contributed Miles and Mae. Her site is at www.aesnowauthor.blogspot.com

AE Snow authorphoto    Miles & Mae (2) AESnow


Sheri Williams wrote Numb, and is sharing the blog hop from the Writing Wenches main website at www.writingwenches.com.

Sheri Williams Headshot PicsArt_1411957395990     Numb Sheri Williams

S.K. Wills wrote Hanley’s Secret. Her website is http://skwills.com/blog/ .

samantha's pic

Allison Winfield is the author of Stay With Me. You can find her at http://alwinfield.com .

Allison Winfield Head Shot     Allison Winfield Cover

Other stories in Unwrapping Love were contributed by:


Melody Barber

Sonja Frojendal

Melina Gillies

Michael Simko

Beth Stanley

K.R. Wilburn




You can also enter to win a copy of my eShort My Not So Little Secret

a Rafflecopter giveaway









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