Catching Up

I have been battling chronic pain for almost two years. It has made it nearly impossible to do many if the things I was accustomed to doing with ease. I am always tired and everything most of the time if not all hurts like all hell.

I FINALLY got a diagnosis last week and though it was satisfying to know what was wrong with me, it was also gave me a name to describe the thing that I have been battling mostly alone. Fibromyalgia. At the age that I am I was hoping that I got these kind of problems when I was older.

Of course I told a few people at first and it was frankly because I had to accept that this was now a part of my life. I decided to post it here because well, I am not the only one who has this.

I had decided last year that I wanted to go back to school. I received my associates so long ago that I wanted to be able to finally add a bachelors degree to that. The fibromyalgia, is just something else I have to fight through.

I have been not so active on my social media or my writing groups because the pain has been unbearable on some days. With a better diet, rest and exercise I am sure I will be better and I will be somewhat back to my regular self.

Now I am simply playing catch up on the things I have been neglecting because of this. I won’t let this define me for the rest of my life.


6 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been going through, Kay. Now that you know the cause, are there medicines or anything to help manage it? I think you’re amazing with everything you do from being a mom and wife to a published writer and now a student as well. The fact that you’ve been doing it while in pain is just incredible. I hope your doctors are able to tell you how to lessen or even better get rid of the pain.

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    1. Thank you so much Ariel. Your words mean a lot. Sometimes I feel like I am doing things wrong, but I have no choice and I always remind myself things are bad, but things could always be worse.


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