As the months draw near…

As July approaches I find myself getting more exciting than I anticipated with the fact that on the 17th of that month, I will be a married woman again.

My first wedding was a civil ceremony and then a small gathering of close friends and family afterwards. I remember that day as it was yesterday since I was cranky and a bit bitchy. I was pregnant with my son which on the day I had no idea. When I did find out this fact, it explained me feeling sick and the mood I was in.

After my first husband passed away I convinced myself that I would never get married again. The pain and grief was too much at the age I was and I convince myself that I would never do it again.

Well not to get the tears flowing, I met my fiancé online via Facebook in 2012. I share this because it’s strange that out of all the people we both know, I don’t recall him. Actually, we at one point worked in the same place and when he mentioned it my mind went blank.

I had my doubts because I wasn’t looking for anyone. A friend? Possibly? My fiancé was different. It was in his aura and his demeanor. It was in his actions towards me and my older cubs. I fell head over heels for him. Without any warning and certainly not because I wanted to. It just happened.

Now I am in the month of April and my wedding is almost three months away. I admit at first I wasn’t into the details as much as my fiancé was. He was the one thinking of the color scheme and where the reception was going to be. All I wanted was the simple ceremony. We sent out the invitations and I realized that I am starting to get excited. I am starting to get antsier about the little details and hoping that days goes perfect without a hitch.

I can’t wait for that day actually. I am celebrating the love between him and me. He is the one person that accepts me with. All of me. My good and bad and of course it’s vice versa.

Was a new husband, a new marriage for that matter planned? No. Would I have it any other way? No to that either. This story is the beginning of our love story for the rest of our lives. For now as I count down the days, I feel the butterflies in my stomach and I ask how could I get so lucky?


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