To Outline or Not to Outline? That is the question…

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You hear is debate between us writers that which method is better for writing. Personally, I am mostly a pantser. I will get a good idea for what would tell a good story and then I start to write. Some das my words flow easier and sometimes that is not always the case.

When the inevitable writers block comes along, I want to bang my head against a wall and yell it out that where did the inspiration go? Usually after that mini meltdown I am on the web, or I’ll flip through the tons of books that are on my kindle.

A few days ago while I was cleaning, a book idea that came to me last year popped back into my head. I had placed it on the back burner because of other shorts I was doing, as well as health issues and classes. Usually when I don’t like where a book is going, I will delete the whole thing and start  from scratch. Crazy right? My best friend who is a song writer as well as my fiancé told me that, I should just move those things I do not like into another file because it may come in handy. Well, to say the least they were right. The idea that was placed into a back burner all of a sudden outlined itself in my head. I am talking about initial ideas, conflicts, and the ending. For me, that was a miracle. Outlines and I never seem to work out because my words always go a different way. This time however, it seems that I may have a winner in this particle outline so now I am not so bias with my love for pantsing.

So, where do I currently stand on this question? I guess it all depends on what works for you. If an outline stays the same through out then go for it. However, if letting the words flow for you works too, then I don’t see the issue in that either.


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