13 Days of Halloween with Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven (Day 5) featuring Sheri Williams

Day 5 of my 13 days of Halloween with the Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven.

Today’s author is a good friend of mine and her name is Sheri Williams. She is super awesome and she is the reason I am taking a stab at writing horror. Sheri writes Romance and Gothic Horror.

The name of her story is “Promised Magic”




When Brior was a child he had an idyllic home life, living on a farm, mostly out of the general population. But when disaster strikes and his parents die, he is thrust into the foster system. All the while he’s harboring a secret. A secret that will change his life when he turns 18. When he wakes up with magical powers Brior doesn’t know what to do. Adrift in his life for a few years, it isn’t until a mysterious letter arrives that his life changes.

Promised to a child from another magical family at a young age, Brior will leave all he knows to find the girl from the letter. To find out more about his powers. With the help of the girl from the letter, he will unlock his hidden abilities, and become the man he was always meant to be.

Author Spotlight

Sheri, what is one of your favorite things about Halloween?

Candy. Duh.

Lol. What’s your favorite Halloween movie?

Hocus Pocus and It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Great choices. I love those movie too. Have you written paranormal romance before?

Nope, this was a first 🙂

So, Astrid is your heroine. Tell me a little about her? 

Astrid is a very sheltered young lady, basically a Rapunzel type character who doesn’t leave her house.

and how about a little about your Hero?

Brior is a sweetheart. A guy who’s lost his whole family and is feeling adrift in the world. He has a big heart which has been bruised, and is looking for information about his magic.

Where did you get the idea for your story or what was the inspiration for your story?

I honestly can’t remember. It’s been so long, I do remember that one pivotal scene was inspired by a rainy day. You’ll be able to figure that out when you read it 🙂

What was the hardest part in writing this short story?

The ending. Always the ending.

I may have to agree with you there Sheri. Do you see yourself continuing this character(s) into another project?

One of them yes, she was a secondary character but I love her story, and I’ll be doing a few micro shorts about her free on my website.

Are you working on anything new currently?

I’m writing a horror novel about a town that has been uses your worst sin against you.

Sounds like my kind of story. Is there anything you want to say to the reader?

I really hope that you fall in love with Astrid and Brior as much as I have. They’re a great couple I think, but I’m biased.

Here’s an excerpt from “Promised Magic”

“Do it.” The voice was timid, almost a whisper. Brior stopped, searching through the foliage for the speaker. “I do it every time I walk through the door. The lush grass, the cold dirt, it calls to you.”

“Why do you hide?” A pivot to either side didn’t show the girl. Her voice was a song on the wind. Just like the cool earth, it called to him. “I won’t harm you.”

“I know you won’t. You are Brior. We are to be wed.” Out from under an apple tree, she glided toward him. Her feet were bare, small and slender. He let his gaze travel up the rest of her. She was exactly like her feet. Slim, petite, and pale. Her hair was amber, shiny and long. There were round brass glasses perched on the tip of her upturned nose. They stood, taking each other in, neither wishing to be the next to speak.

“And you are?” Brior couldn’t continue to stay silent.

Author Bio


Sheri Williams is a woman of contradictions. A Yankee living in the deep south, a wanderer who has to sit still, a geek who used to be a jock. She lives to write and read, but not as much as she lives for her family. A mother and a wife to amazing humans, as well as parent to multiple fur babies, she lives in a tiny house overpopulated. Sheri has multiple things in the works at any given time, in any given genre. She has always been a hopeless romantic and finds writing romance help keeps it alive.

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