13 Days of Halloween with Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven (Day 6) featuring Maria Arell

It’s Saturday and Day 6 of my 13 days of Halloween with Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven anthology.

Today I got the lovely Maria Arell to tell me a little about her contribution to the anthology.

Maria writes  Fantasy, (Historical) Romance, and Paranormal Romance.

The name of her story is “Where the Heart Belongs”



After being orphaned at a young age, Kilyn has finally settled in Savannah, Georgia, and is quite content with her life. A letter arrives and turns everything upside down and brings Felix, who Kilyn feels inexplicably attracted to. But can she trust him?

Felix was sent to keep Kilyn under a watchful eye, but can he keep his distance? He’s used to doing things on his own, but she is tempting him in ways he hadn’t thought possible. And what comes first, love or family?

Author Spotlight

Hey Maria. I hope all is well. It is the month of Halloween. So, what is one of your favorite things about Halloween?

I’m from Sweden so we don’t really celebrate Halloween with trick or treat, but we do like to dress up and have parties. It’s more about All Hollow’s eve for us, lighting candles for our beloved who’s past on.

Have you written paranormal romance before?

Yes. My first short story that was published was a paranormal romance.

Your heroine name is Kilyn. Tell me a little about her.

She’s a loner, but satisfied with life at large. In the beginning she doesn’t know the powers she possesses or that she has a family.

Tell me a little about your Hero.

He’s an orphan too, a bit mysterious and not willing to tell much about his past. He feels very protective of Kilyn, though.

Where did you get the idea for your story or what was the inspiration for your story?

I started with the scene in the alley in the rain, and just went from there.

What was the hardest part in writing this short story?

For me, to write correctly in English. It’s so many idioms and stuff that you cannot learn as a foreigner. But thankfully I had great critique partners.

Do you see yourself continuing this character(s) into another project?

I don’t know. The one character that I feel deserves a second story is Eike, he deserves love.

Are you working on anything new currently?

I’m always working on stuff, old and new. I have a fantasy trilogy that I’ve been working on for ages that I really need to wrap up. At least the first book.

Is there anything you want to say to the reader?

I just hope you enjoy my story and the anthology and hopefully you’ll see me again.

Here’s an excerpt from “Where the Heart Belongs”

Kilyn read, and reread the letter in her attempt to comprehend. It revealed she was not alone in the world. On her father’s side a large family awaited. And her heritage was magical and elven. The letter was accompanied by her genealogy and a large, leather bound, black book. It cracked when she carefully opened it, and a small note fell out.

“This was your father’s.”

What is this? She couldn’t make anything of it. It was all Greek to her, close written text but mostly symbols. Her hands slid over the glyphs. Her fingers tingled, but she couldn’t understand the language. She read the letter once more.

“All I can say for now, is that you come from a long lineage of witches and elves. You have powers, Kilyn. Both from your mother’s and your father’s side.”

Kilyn shook her head, put the book and letter away, and then went into the kitchen. She needed something. She searched the pantry, her relief palpable upon locating a bottle of red. She sank down on the wooden chair and took a deep gulp. All she knew about her parents was that they were killed when she was only three, in an accident. Kilyn had miraculously survived.

This was all too big for her to wrap her head around. At the same time, her past fell into place. At least the witch part. Kilyn possessed powers. She could predict the near future, healing came easy for her, and she’d been known to influence people’s train of thought, altering it to her liking, not to mention what had happened with a boy from school. Kilyn shook her head, didn’t want to think about it.

But elf? Seriously? That was plain fantasy.

Author Bio


After being published in a Swedish fantasy/erotica anthology, Maria Arell wanted more. She’s dabbling in both short stories and full novels with fantasy and romance combined most of the time. She’s also known for writing fanfictions on the side.

Maria lives in Sweden with her husband, two kids and an unsocial cat. She works full time and writes as often as she can. This is her first English story that is not fanfiction.

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