13 Days of Halloween with Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven (Day 7) featuring Michele Mohr

Today for my 13 Days of Halloween with Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven Anthology.

 I am featuring my fellow Walking Dead buddy and author Michele Mohr

Michele Mohr writes Paranormal, Horror, and thriller. The name of her short story is Drifter’s Moon.




Savannah James is a Natural Gray, a rare type of witch that can successfully practice both white and black magic. Feeling trapped by her coven’s strict rules, she decides to fly her broomstick solo and break the news of her resignation at their big annual meeting on Halloween.

Trouble has other plans for her when she unexpectedly finds herself tracking down her con artist ex-boyfriend Levi the day before the big event to recover her priceless moonstone necklace he stole from her.

When a locater spell leads her to an off the map truck stop diner in rural Georgia, she crosses paths with lonely drifter Jesse King, a green eyed, all American country boy from her childhood.

Craving a little love and adventure in addition to the menu items at the greasy spoon, Jesse offers Savannah a ride after an her intense run in with Levi at the diner, and they end up at the creepy roadside motel, the Drifter’s Moon.

While rekindling their friendship as adults, Savannah and Jesse quickly learn things aren’t what they seem underneath the dust and outdated décor of the motel, and checking out might be harder than they think. Is Savannah’s magic strong enough to defeat a vengeful ghost and break a decades old curse to get to the coven meeting on time, or will she and Jesse become the motel’s new permanent residents?

Author Spotlight

So Michele, what is one of your favorite things about Halloween?

I’ve always loved all things spooky and paranormal, even at a really young age. Halloween is that special time of year where those things are celebrated. I also love the decorations and pumpkin carving.

I love spooky things as well. What’s your favorite Halloween movie? 

I don’t have a favorite, but I love watching horror movies all year round. I don’t scare easily, so the ones that creep me out impress me the most.

I’m starting to think we are soul sisters. Have you written paranormal romance before? 

Sort of. My debut novel The Darker Curiosity has a romance between the two main characters that has a major impact in the story that unfolds but I don’t consider it a romance.

For your short in the Bewitching Desires Anthology, tell me a little about your heroine?  

Savannah James is a unique witch called a Natural Gray, which means she is naturally gifted in white and black magic. She’s at a point in her life where she’s ready to claim her magical independence and thinks quitting the coven is the best thing for her. At the same time, she just broke up with her con artist boyfriend and she’s all over the place emotionally. Since a major component to her magic runs on emotion, things get out of hand quickly.

And your hero Jesse? 

Jesse King is in a weird place in his life. He comes from a troubled childhood where his mother died giving birth to his brother Tyler and his dad was abusive to the both of them. After he died, Jesse and his brother ran the family auto shop until Tyler was killed in a car accident. Jesse feels guilty having survived the accident that killed his brother and when he runs into Savannah at the diner, he’s lonely and vulnerable. They knew each other as kids, so fate brings them together at the perfect time when they need each other the most.

Where did you get the idea for your story or what was the inspiration for your story? 

I came up with the Savannah character a few years ago but didn’t really have a story for her that seemed to fit. Before the anthology came along, I thought she would be perfect as a character in a fan fiction piece I wrote based on the CW show Supernatural. The entire story and the characters were perfect for Bewitching Desires so I turned them into original characters instead and developed it from there.

What was the hardest part in writing this short story? 

When you really love a story you create, sometimes it takes on a mind of its own. The hardest thing for me with Drifter’s Moon was trimming the story down to a novella size.

Do you see yourself continuing this character(s) into another project?

Yes, I plan on making it a series called The Darker South. It’s a spinoff of my first novel, The Darker Curiosity that comes out later this year. In Drifter’s Moon, Savannah briefly mentions the antique store she manages called The Darker Curiosity. The store’s owner hires her and Jesse to travel the South to procure cursed and haunted objects for the store. It’s in these travels that we see Savannah and Jesse’s relationship really develop as they fight even more evil forces than they faced in Drifter’s Moon, and enjoy some romance in between.

Are you working on anything new currently?

I’m working on edits for The Darker Curiosity and more spin off stories that will eventually become a series of their own. I like that my paranormal stories all relate to each other but have a different vibe from the original. I’m also working on an adult non paranormal novel as well.

Is there anything you want to say to the reader?

Just that I hope they enjoy Drifter’s Moon and come along for Savannah and Jesse’s future adventures!

Excerpt from Drifters Moon

I eased out of  my jacket, kicked my boots off, and shuffled toward the bathroom. Before I went in, I glanced over my shoulder. His gaze was still on me. I left the door open just a crack and told myself it was because I might’ve overheated from the shower steam, but I knew better. As my Granny often asked me, “Oh little Savannah, what spell are you weaving now?”  

The bathroom was clean, so I got naked and turned the nozzle in anticipation of the hot stream of water but nothing came out but a dry squeak.

“Oh come on!”

I fidgeted with the other nozzles and was relieved when water came gushing out of the faucet to run a bath. I didn’t look forward to a phone call to creepy Jude to complain about not being able to bathe. I inspected the tub before I sat my bare ass in it. It passed my standards.

Shit. I had forgotten my overnight bag in Jesse’s truck. Oh well, I’ll just have him go out and get it later since I was already naked. In addition to the generic motel soap, I spotted a bottle of bubble bath on the counter by the sink. I opened it and took a sniff.

Lavender… the key ingredient in a love spell.

After I poured in a generous amount, I caught a glimpse of myself in the medicine cabinet mirror. Something was different. Was it my hair? It looked a little drabby as opposed to its usual chestnut shine, but that wasn’t it. Oh well. I turned away from my reflection and climbed into the tub. I stretched out and dunked underneath the water to let the soothing warmth envelope me. The moment was mine. Almost.

Something slid across my throat like the movement one makes with their finger when they slide it from one ear to the other signifying sudden death.

I bolted up to the surface.

Every hair on my body stood up in the icy draft that hovered around the tub. My overactive thoughts raced in the quiet of the bathroom in competition with the echoed drip of the faucet.

“Savaaaaaaannah.” A faint whisper danced in my ear. I panned around the bathroom, but I was still alone.


A few seconds later, my handsome companion stood in the doorway holding the bottle of whiskey.

“You rang?”

“Did you just call my name?”

His look of confusion told me he hadn’t. He took a deep pull off the bottle.

“No. You’re not falling asleep in here and dreaming, are you?”

He leaned against the door frame and rested his head on his arm. The movement made the bottom of his t-shirt rise over the top of his jeans to the point where I caught a glimpse of his stomach… and his happy trail.  Did I mention I had a thing for happy trails?

“Maybe I’m just hearing things.”

Author Info


From an early age, Michele Mohr had a passion for storytelling and would write sequels to her favorite books in crayon while sitting in her backyard at her family’s picnic table. Growing up in a haunted house ignited her passion for the paranormal and when other kids her age read fairy tales and comic books, she read Stephen King and Anne Rice. She fell in love with the craft of writing in college while pursuing an art degree and became creatively charged while living in New York City. She currently resides in Nashville, TN with her three rescue dogs and one diva cat. When she’s not writing, she’s talking about writing with fans and other authors on social media or binge watching episodes of Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

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