Lady Killer by Misti Murphy (Book Review)

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Title: Lady Killer

Author: Misti Murphy



They called him the Lady Killer. Able to get into a woman’s panties in 3.6 seconds flat.

I know where he’s been. I know he keeps a list of all the women he’s f*cked.

And there are so many reasons I’m not interested in being another number.

I’m the reason his boxing career is over. The reason he almost died.

I can never stop running.

Problem is, he’s got his sights set on me…

And for the first time I don’t want to run.

From the minute I see her I know I’m looking at trouble.

I shouldn’t pursue her. I shouldn’t be trying to find out her secrets.

I’m supposed to be looking for the woman who mailed me a two-line pee-stick and no return address.

But Gemma Castle sees through the layers of my reputation.

And she thinks that guy is some kind of knight in shiny f*cking armor.

She makes me want to be that.

Saving her might just save me.

Here’s  A Teaser:

Lady Killer T1 (2)

My Review:

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I am a big fan of Misti Murphy’s work. Her characters always have flaws and redeeming qualities that makes me relate to all of her stories.

In this story we meet Tommy. He is the hottest thing since sliced bread. His sexiness practically oozes off the pages. He meets Gem a woman from his past, a woman that he really can’t remember and boom sparks are flying.

I absolutely love that they get through their baggage together and find solace in each other.

I can feel the chemistry between the two of them and good chemistry makes for steamy scenes.

Misti makes me root for them throughout the book and I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Five stars!!!

Here’s another teaser

Lady Killer T2