The Importance of Research

After a super successful release day of my latest novella, Second Time’s  A Charm, I started plotting for my next idea turned into story. I decided to go for something that may be harder to write as I personally do not have experience with this. What this means is research.

After I wrote the idea down and the title as that seemed to come right away, I thought how can I tell the story that I want to while keeping the basis of their characters or their journey as realistic as possible.

So I recruited google and acquaintance from high school to get as much information as possible. While I am a POC and a POC writer, I have seen the idea of diversity seems to be on the front of the publishing industry. As a reader I have read so many books, but there were so many I wanted to read that wasn’t available to me. Now, when there are the writers who aren’t a POC and write a story featuring POC , but it is obvious the writer didn’t consult a person who could verify if things are accurate or even more important that what is written does not offend those of color.

With that being said, I have been filling up my phone notepad and writing notebooks with information so that when I start writing, I will have a good story, but also a story that every reader that likes the romance genre can enjoy it.