Beyond The Friend Zone featuring Always Never By: Grace Ravel

The amazing gals (and guy) at the Writing Wenches are coming out with another anthology. This time the theme is friends to lovers–how fun is that? Short stories are sometimes harder to write because of the word count constraint–come up with a story in forty pages or less that has characters people can relate to and a story people will want to read. Sure. Piece of cake. Of course it wasn’t a piece of cake but it was certainly fun.

I love my characters: Bree and Rowan, best friends since they were in kindergarten. A series of notes, and later, text messages reveal stages, milestones, heartaches and joys in a lifetime of friendship between these two beautiful souls. Bree, as typical of female characters I write, is a strong, independent woman who loves deeply and is fiercely loyal. With a serious, introspective personality, Rowan’s lighter, happier disposition provides a balance to Bree’s. I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s a teaser, and just below is a sneak peak.

Always Never Teaser

Sneak Peek


Rowan: How do you like the new cellphone?
Bree: Lovely. Another reminder of the inadequacy of my social life.
Rowan: How’s that?
Bree: I have two speed dials. You and my mom. Oh, three. Pizza Hut.
Rowan: You’ve got all the ones that matter. Plus, you’re on the top of my list.
Bree: Well, that’s something. And more evidence why high school’s gonna suck.
Rowan: It’ll be fun.
Bree: Easy for you to say, Mr. Popularity.
Rowan: I can’t help it if your best friend is the shit.
Bree: Gag me.
Rowan: Please. you love me.
Bree: Always. But you better not turn into an asshole jock.
Rowan: As if you’d let me.
Bree: Never.

Abou Grace1

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I’m married to a wonderfully patient man who is convinced I have ADD. My short attention span is great for raising four active boys, not so much for doing grown-up things, which also means writing is a challenging process. But I love to write so I force myself to sit longer than five minutes without getting sucked into the internet rabbit hole or impromptu football games. I’m currently working on my first manuscript, and second, and third (see, short attention span). You can find my ramblings at or on social media, Grace Ravel.


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