Being Indie Is Pretty Awesome


I remember the first time I sat down and wrote a story, I was a little girl. I used to write fan fiction, song lyrics and poems all the time.
Well life happened and my original dreams that I had went out the window.
One day in 2014 I decided to really write and I sat down and wrote my first short story that made it to Amazon.
I was excited, scared and all these other emotions came over me. Originally I wanted to get published under one of the Big 5. Don’t get me wrong I still do want to get signed one day and see myself in a bookstore, but for now I am content on being an indie author.

I have learned so much since 2014. So many friendly faces, advice, and sense of community just from other authors who genuinely want to help and want you to succeed. Indies are kind of like the underdog. We are doubted and underestimated. Let me tell you I have read superb stories from other indies and we are a talented bunch.

I could go on and on about what it means to be an indie, but I will say this being an indie author is one of the most proudest things I have accomplished in my life. Being an indie author has opened many doors for me put so many fabulous people into my life. For that I am forever grateful.


Until Next Time



P.S. Of Course I couldn’t leave without leaving a few indie author recommendations so here are some authors who write fabulous books.

1- Misti Murphy

2-Harper Miller

3- Kiarra M. Taylor

4- Raven St. Pierre

5- Jennifer Senhaji


P. P.S. As part of Indie Author Day on October 8, 2016 I am participating in a blog hop. Feel free to check it out and read other awesome blogs about what it means to be an indie author.

Click the link below

Indie Book Day 2016



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