New Book Announcement: Catch Me If I Fall

Title : Catch Me If I Fall
Author: Kay Blake
Genre : Interracial Romance , Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: December 29, 2016
An interracial contemporary romance novella
 Kasi has reached rock bottom. She lost everything in a horrific accident and she has been trying to pick the pieces back up ever since. In the process of her losses, she lost the most important thing, herself.
After nearly drowning in her own despair she decides to give a support group a try and there she meets Jae.
Jae is the group’s founder. He is attractive, sweet and genuine. Despite all these good things, she is wary of him. Even though Jae seems to have it all together, he understands Kasi better than anyone has in a long time because he too have felt a lost.
With Kasi dealing with her own heartache and demons, would she be able to see that Jae’s persona is not an act and that he is willing to catch her even at her worst?

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