2017 Goals!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We are 8 days in to 2017. New year! New goals! New Aspirations.

I decided to participate in an #Instagram challenge (#igauthorlifejan) and one of the days requested that all those who participated share what their resolutions or goals were.

So here are my goals for 2017

Publish 3 Works

I’m currently working on my newest novellete which will be called Breathe You. This story is dedicated to a friend of mine, so it has some meaning for me. The next one will be my try at a rock star story. I wanted to do one just to see if I could, so I hope it comes out the way I envision it. The last is Book 2 of The Kim Brother’s Series. I just realized Book 1 on December 30, 2016. Book 2 deals with the middle brother David. And he is very different from Jae, so I’m excited about these for the year.

Take Better Care Of Myself

I know I haven’t taken the best of care of myself. I have fibromyalgia (chronic pain) long with a host of other things, and I know my body is paying for it. Yes, I do what I can, but sometimes I lay awake in pain hoping I can finally get a decent amount of sleep. I’m thinking of putting yoga as something to help during the week. Maybe two times a week.

Self Discovery

I think you are never too old for discovering things about yourself. Your likes. Dislikes. Favorite things to do. What you want to do with your life? It’s so many things. The next day isn’t promised to any of us. So, this year it is a goal of mine to make sure I learn as much as I can about myself.

Graduate with my bachelor’s degree

At the end of the month I will start my last semester of college. I should have gotten my degree in 2009. My bachelors. Life happened. Some of it because of choices I made, and others because of other situations. Anyway I went back to school in 2007 to get my associates, and I finished it in a year. I told myself  one day I will get my bachelor’s so after two and a half years (5 semesters), I will graduate in June and I’m so happy about it.

Know my WORTH

I think this is the most important goal for me. I have a habit of not realizing what I am and what I’m capable of. What I give off into the world doesn’t necessarily register with others because I’m giving. Now this is not to toot my own horn, I know I give so much sometimes that I’m empty. This year my focus is to appreciate me. Appreciate my flaws, Appreciate all the things that makes me “Kay” and know that if someone can’t handle me at my worst. If someone can’t see my worth, than they no longer need to be in my life, my space or in my aura. I refuse to waste time on people who doesn’t give a damn about me no matter the relationship. So definitely knowing my worth is quite important.

Write horror story via Wattpad

If you know me well enough then you will know that horror is my first love. I love reading horror books and watching horror movies. I love horror so much that I even listen to audio horror on YouTube. Anyway while I do write romance, I do want to dabble in horror. Stephen King is my favorite author of all time. I feel I should do many shorts on Wattpad as a horror collection to see if I can do it. If it goes the way I want to, I will publish a horror story as I would my romance stuff.

Make Awesome Memories

2016 I was fortunate to be at a book signing, speak on a panel and meet many other authors who I have made friendships with. I have hung out with people and tried new things. 2017 is no different. I want to make the memories for the days when I feel like crap, I have something to look back on like man, this was a great day.

I hope that if any of you have any goals, that you try your best. I wish you all the luck and light.

Until next time!!

Kay 🙂